Why Choose Us?

“Why would anyone choose our firm as a service provider or place of employment? Two words – the people. We have strived to create an environment that provides superior service to our clients but also creates an environment for an empowered and engaged team. With innovative thinking toward work/life balance and client service, we are an organization that continues to create value for our clients, our organization and our team members.”
–  Tracy Sharkey, Managing Partner

As our mission statement claims, our goal is to “create value in each relationship.” These relationships include our clients, our team members, and our community. In all interactions, we strive to have people walk away believing they received value from us.

Our Clients

We believe our clients should feel the value we provide to them equals or exceeds our fee. With each new client opportunity we actively take the time to talk with that potential client to determine their needs and customize our services to best suit those needs. We do all this with the goal of providing value. Every year we evaluate our ongoing relationships to ensure that we are continually creating value in each client relationship.

In addition, our firm instituted a work/life balance initiative for all staff. This means our clients are served by team members who feel valued by our firm – and this allows them more flexibility to create value for our clients.

Our Team Members

Most CPA firms are structured in a way where their team members provide a wide range of services for different types of clients (audit, tax, small business, etc.). Our vision is for team members to specialize by service offering and industry. Our team members are coached early toward a specialty and service area, allowing them to create their own career path. Through hands-on experience and coaching, our team members are able to mature professionally at an accelerated rate. In the complex business environment of today, we believe we can create more value for everyone by allowing our team members to focus intensely in a specialty area.

With the adoption of our work/life balance, we have created a workplace like no other in our profession. This provides team members more flexibility to be with their families, the community and to hone their professional skills. We believe team members who feel valued will create value for others.

Our Community

We believe it is very important for our team members to be involved in their community. There are many stories of how our firm contributes to the community and we are even more proud of the quiet ways in which our individual team members contribute to their areas of passion.

Our Vendors

We could not do our job without the companies that support us. We value those relationships and the synergy it brings to our organization. We treat our vendors the same way we want to be treated.

Our Mission Statement is more than a catchy phrase. It embodies the very essence of our firm and what we believe to be important.