Helping Clients Rebuild After Hurricane Michael

When Hurricane Michael and its 115 mph winds slammed into Georgia beginning on Oct. 9, 2018, it did so as the first Category 3 hurricane to make a direct hit on the state in more than a century. Now, months later, Georgia’s CPAs and their clients are still sifting through...
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Refine your strategic plan with SWOT

With the year underway, your business probably has a strategic plan in place for the months ahead. Or maybe you’ve created a general outline but haven’t quite put the finishing touches on it yet. In either case, there’s a time-tested approach to refining your strategic plan that you should consider:...
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3 reasons you should continue making lifetime gifts

Now that the gift and estate tax exemption has reached a record high of $11.18 million (for 2018), it may seem that gifting assets to loved ones is less important than it was in previous years. However, lifetime gifts continue to provide significant benefits, whether your estate is taxable or...
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