ONE TAXPAYER’S VIEW OF WHEN HIS PLANE WAS PLACED IN SERVICE DIFFERED FROM THE IRS’S, AFFECTING WHEN HE COULD TAKE A LARGE BONUS DEPRECIATION DEDUCTION Below is an expert from Daniel Rowe’s article featured in the February 27, 2014 AICPA’s Corporate Taxation Insider newsletter: When it comes to applying tax...
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When is art a business? Hobby losses for artists

Written By: Daniel Rowe, CPA, Tax & Business Solutions Partner Originally published in the January 2014 edition of the AICPA Tax Insider What are the relevant factors in determining whether an artist, writer, or musician has a sufficient profit motive? The Sec. 183 hobby loss rule aims to prevent taxpayers from sheltering...
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To 1099 or not to 1099? That is the Question.

Written By: Joy Broderick As we fast approach another tax season I would like to discuss a topic that has drawn many questions from the Small Business community. Many people question who should receive a 1099. This issue affects the business tax return as the following question now must be...
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