Simple Record Retention Recommendations

While businesses are required to keep records, individuals need to be mindful of specific information which should be retained as well. Just a few important reasons to make good recordkeeping a habit are listed below: To monitor the progress of your business or personal activities To prepare your financial statements...
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Taxpayer Identity Protection

Written By: Cristi Jones, CPA, Partner It is a frustrating ordeal for many of our clients that submit their income tax return only to be told that a tax return has already been filed in their social security number. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing thefts nationwide and...
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Simple tasks for better mentoring sessions.

As busy professionals, we rarely find the time to proactively mentor our staff, and when we do find the time it can be hard to stay on task. Here are some simple but important suggestions to keep your mentoring meetings productive and fulfilling. Don’t look at your phone. I know...
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