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Daniel Rowe Participating in Free Advice Friday at The Creative Coast


November is “Legal Advice”

We will have a few people from the legal world this month… you should make a point to stop by The Creative Coast next Friday (November 2nd) anytime between 12-2 pm. What to know more about Free Advice Friday? See below!

This month’s line-up of advice-givers includes:
• Kate Strain: Belzer PC, an attorney practicing Intellectual Property
• Patty Paul: Oliver Maner LLP, an attorney practicing Employment Law
• Daniel Rowe: Deemer Dana & Froehle LLP, a CPA for Tax Matters
• Dana Braun: Callaway, Braun, Riddle & Hughes, PC, for Business Structure, Lease and Real Estate Matters
What’s Free Advice Friday
The whole process from beginning to end should take you no more than 5-10 minutes depending on what kind of advice you need. You could, if you’re brave, repeat steps 2-6 and switch to a different advice-giver if you need more than one piece of advice.

We’ve tried to keep the whole advice-dispensing process as painless as possible. There are no appointments, no forms to fill out, no painful injections. There’s just knowledge passing between two people

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