Education Services Group


You need annual financial aid audits to keep your students eligible for federal student financial aid under Title IV. You also need audits of your institution’s financial statements. And to get the job done, you need an accounting firm that understands the unique audit regulations that affect your post-secondary institution.

In addition, our Education Services Group offers student financial aid due diligence and transaction advisory services in assisting in the merger and sale of post-secondary institutions.


At TJS Deemer Dana, our Education Service Group (ESG) has over 25 years of experience working with college and universities. The ESG Team consists of dedicated financial statement accounting professionals and industry experts performing financial aid audits. Our teams extensive knowledge, makes us your school’s personal experts for efficient and on-time audit services.

Furthermore, all professionals on the ESG Team are involved in professional educational organizations including:


TJS Deemer Dana  serves over 100 schools as the national leader in accounting for the education sector, and our relationship with school clients goes beyond specialized auditing services. We actively monitor changes in the regulatory landscape that specifically affect your school, and we update you via e-newsletters and articles in professional publications.

As part of our commitment to our school clients, our ESG Team members speak at national conferences on topics directly related to the particular issues facing schools. For 23 years, we have been the only firm in the country to offer Student Financial Aid Audit Seminars. There, we teach CPAs and student financial aid professionals about the latest DOE regulations for these audits.

Your school helps students achieve their dreams. Let TJS Deemer Dana help you achieve fiscal responsibility.