Mergers & Acquisitions

You have a lot to think about when you consider a business merger or acquisition. You have to make decisions about product/service compatibility, competitive tactics and positioning, financial impact, and cash flow – all while considering important tax implications. As common as mergers and acquisitions are in today’s business world, there are many factors to consider.

The processes involved can be challenging – from developing a profile, to targeting a business acquisition, to identifying potential buyers or sellers; or, if you’re the seller, conducting financial analysis to support decision making to spin off a portion of the business or to sell the entire business.

There are three main steps you need to prepare for:

Ensure Due Diligence

  • Assess your target company’s operational and organizational environments and risks
  • Determine your integration needs and priorities
  • Anticipate potential integration challenges

Create a Seamless Transition Strategy

  • Identify gaps and overlaps in processes and technology investments
  • Share best practices among all parties
  • Address your resource needs
  • Create an integration strategy
  • Review combined supplier, partner, and customer relationships

Integrate your New Partner

  • Consolidate and streamline your processes and systems
  • Institute continuous communications with your investors, stakeholders, and key management
  • Capture and report metrics and progress

The TJS Deemer Dana team can help you plan for success and guide you through each step of your merger acquisition. As a firm with many new partners throughout Georgia, we understand firsthand the complexity of bringing together multiple products and perspectives.